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Dating Disasters: The Difference Between Men & Women

While answering questions on my Facebook posts this week, a woman Amber commented, “My children need a father. I don’t want to date another guy, I need a husband!” All I could say is I GET IT! I completely agree that obtaining a love connection is the game changer but dating specifically for a husband […]


When Will I Ever Be Enough For Someone To Love?

In relationships and dating, (don’t act like it’s just me) women are constantly asking themselves this question, “Will I ever be enough for someone to love?” This question is deeply rooted in almost everything that we see and do. Clothing designers are making clothes smaller. Magazine covers are filled with these young, “skinny minnies” that […]


How Can I Confidently Date After A Long Break? (3 Of 3)

In part one of this video series, Dating & Relationship Expert and YourTango Expert, Lori Pinkerton counseled one of her real clients: an incredible businesswoman named Deborah, 59, who’s been single for the past 6 years while focusing solely on her career. Since she’s ready to begin dating again, Lori helped her establish a “dating […]

What Women Like You Are Saying

  • “Had an AMAZING and EYE OPENING coaching session yesterday with THE DATING EXPERT, Lori Pinkerton of Get Up & Date The Single Woman’s Expert for Dating & Relationship Advice. If you are at a road block with your dating or within your relationship – I HIGHLY recommend you get in touch with her!! She also […]

  • “Today on my call with Lori, I had a huge weight lifted when she asked “Can you look at this as some relaxation time for you?” What a great idea …

  • I am grateful that I worked with Lori and that she has shined the light on all of the exciting possibilities.

  • Learning from Get Up and Date has really taught me how easy, fun and exciting dating can be.

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