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Get a 180!

Are you ready for your personalized 180 mentoring experience? Lori has developed easy-to-use programs and products right here on Get Up and Date™ that are identical to what she offers the women of 180—not to mention exclusive services available only through this website.

One-size-fits-all dating advice doesn’t take into account the unique needs and desires of individual women. Love means something different to you than it does to anyone else. So why waste time trying to fit your happiness into someone else’s box? Who has time to live, and love, according to someone else’s rules?

Lori can help you
• define what love means to you.
• fully realize that you deserve to act now on finding the love you want.
• put a plan into place to start your own 180 love makeover from right where you are.
• attract the kind of men who can fulfill your unique desires.
• connect with the men you date as whole people—mind, body, and soul.
• recognize that you deserve to have more, to have better, from your relationships.
• stop settling for less than amazing in love and in life.

Catch the next episode of 180 Life and Style Makeovers on Cable TV weekly to get inspired to turn your own life around. Watch the journeys of real women like you as they experience TV’s first whole-person makeover, from beauty and style to relationships, health, weight loss, careers, finances, and more. Let Lori and the other 180 experts show you that you don’t have to change who you are to change where you’re going.