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How Can I Confidently Date After A Long Break? (3 Of 3)

By Lori on March 20, 2012

In part one of this video series, Dating & Relationship Expert and YourTango Expert, Lori Pinkerton counseled one of her real clients: an incredible businesswoman named Deborah, 59, who’s been single for the past 6 years while focusing solely on her career. Since she’s ready to begin dating again, Lori helped her establish a “dating strategy” and got her in the habit of acting like a single woman. How Do I Start Dating After Taking 6 Years Off? (1 Of 3) VIDEO

In part two, Lori helped Deborah with her significant trust issues. She’s been burned in past relationships and some part of her was worried that dating just wasn’t worth it anymore. Lori helped her to see that these trust issues may be with herself. How Do I Date When I Have Serious Trust Issues? (2 Of 3) VIDEO

In this video, Deborah wonders what concrete steps she can take now to get into the dating scene. She says she has “no clue where to start.” Lori prescribes a very specific week-by-week strategy for Deborah to follow, which includes setting aside time for her love life daily, signing up for an online dating site and more.

Watch the video above to get all of Lori’s tips!

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