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One-On-One Coaching with Lori Pinkerton


Here are a few things you can expect…

• Make an active plan to create the relationships you truly desire.
• Find out what is holding you back from finding the love you want.
• Learn instantly what motivates you and men to having a lasting relationship.
• Identify what is working and what is not working in your dating life.
• Take what you know and applying it so it is meaningful.
• Find the value in your previous painful relationships and how to use it to your advantage now.
• Overcome low self-esteem and self-defeating behaviors in dating.
• Quit sabotaging yourself.

What women are saying:

“Since working with Lori, I haven’t changed that much, but the way I present myself to my dates has. Which has made all the difference.”
—Maggie V., Newport, RI
“Lori saved me from settling. She helped me see how much control I really had over my dating, and she showed me how to make changes that would make a difference.”
—Diane W., Madison, WI
“I was really skeptical about the whole idea that someone could help me with my dating. I mean, it’s so personal. But I was desperate, so I tried coaching with Lori. Everything she told me made perfect sense, and even better—it worked!”
—Michelle J., Portland, OR

Why people choose personal coaching over books, audios, and classes:

• You get results fast.
• You get personalized attention for your specific problems, creating customized solutions.
Accountability—we all know how it feels to read the book and get excited only to realize that we have trouble doing the work that makes all the difference.
• Have personal access to one of America’s top dating coaches at your fingertips.

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