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“Had an AMAZING and EYE OPENING coaching session yesterday with THE DATING EXPERT, Lori Pinkerton of Get Up & Date The Single Woman’s Expert for Dating & Relationship Advice. If you are at a road block with your dating or within your relationship – I HIGHLY recommend you get in touch with her!! She also has a great program for those of you wanting to get your ex back. CHECK HER OUT!!”



“Today on my call with Lori, I had a huge weight lifted when she asked “Can you look at this as some relaxation time for you?” What a great idea … instead of me interviewing these guys to be my husband, just go have fun … make some friends and see what happens. God will bring him to me. I don’t have to act or be anything but my authentic self because THAT is who my husband wants, ME … just relax and have fun.”



I was a little hesitant about what results I would see, if any, after working with Lori and Get Up and Date. Those thoughts have all gone out of the window; I felt like Lori really understood me, and led me in the right direction. I am pleasantly surprised at how rapidly I saw results in my dating life. I am grateful that I worked with Lori and that she has shined the light on all of the exciting possibilities.



Learning from Get Up and Date has really taught me how easy, fun and exciting dating can be. If I had known it would be so simple, I would have called them long before now.  Their step-by-step system allowed me to really embody the lessons. And the NLP twist anchored in the value for my long-term results. Thank you, Lori, for guiding me to fully enjoy the dating experience again!



Lori is genuine, compassionate, and thoughtful. With Lori, I adjusted my perspective on a personal challenge with ease, safety, and courage. You can experience a personal breakthrough with Lori in a way that is seamless, non-threatening, and fun.



I had every excuse in the book…my job is too intense, my children need my undivided attention, there just isn’t enough time in the day…I can’t even begin to think about dating!  And guess what?  I didn’t!  I was single several years until I met Lori and received the coaching and tools for me to feel confident enough to throw my hat back into the ring.  Once I discovered how to be a successful single, I took a new approach to dating…and found out I really liked it!  Thank you, Lori, for opening up my eyes to the world of dating and giving me the tools to be a confident single.  My dating life has gone from cautious to crazy!  I am having the time of my life!